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The medical company that has developed an innovative system for individualized dosing of tablets.

About Sensidose


Sensidose AB is a pharmaceutical company that has developed a system for individualized dosing of tablets, a medical treatment using a dosing device pre-programmed for the patient. The system consists of tablets, containing low dose in each individual tablet. The correct dose is obtained by dosing a specific number of tablets. The tablets are dispensed using an electronic dispenser, programmed by the healthcare provider. The dispenser has a built-in alarm, delivers doses at the preset times and registers all doses delivered and also disease symptoms using rating scales that are easy to use. The company’s technology does not affect the course of the disease but treats the symptoms of the disease.


Information regarding Navamedic’s public takeover offer

Navamedic ASA ("Navamedic") announced on 29 March 2023 a public takeover offer to the shareholders of Sensidose Aktiebolag. Sensidose has published the following information relating to the takeover offer:     For further information, please see Navamedic's...

Sensidose granted reimbursement for Flexilev in Finland

As part of Sensidose's ongoing geographical expansion, the company last autumn applied for reimbursement for Flexilev with the Finnish Pharmaceutical Price Board (Lääkkeiden hintalautakunta). The application has now been granted and the approval is in accordance with...

Upcoming events

1) Scandinavian Movement Disorders Society meeting April 2022, Oslo
(Sensidose will participate)


2) VfMD – Vårdföreningen Movement Disordes, Parkinson fördjupningsmötet, 8-9 September 2022
(Sensidose will participate)

Our Products


MyFID is a programmable dosing device for tablets. By combining the possibilities of a modern technology and tablets with a smaller amount of active ingredients, a fine-tuned dosing can be achieved. By choosing a number of tablets a specific, individualized dose can be arrived.

MyFID is pre-programmed to deliver a certain amount of medicine at a certain time. The physician decides which dose a patient should use and when it should be taken. However in order for the device not to rule the user’s life, care has been taken to ensure that the user choose which functions of the device that should be active.

MyFID has unique registration capabilities. It registers the amount and time a dose is delivered. MyFID will ask and record reasons why a dose is taken. It also records disease symptoms using easy to use scales that allows for the patient and the doctor to follow treatment effects, to get a continuous picture of how the disease evolves and fluctuates with time.

All information recorded is available for both the user and the physician, and can be retrieved using an inbuilt standardized treatment report. MyFID therefore gives the physician and the patient a more precise and correct background for further treatment decisions.

Water-soluble tablets

Documented compliance

Effects in 20 minutes

Right dose at the right moment

About Flexilev

Flexilev is prescribed to you by a doctor who knows how to treat Parkinson’s disease. Before you start the treatment, it is good to know a little about the treatment that takes place with the help of a dispensing machine. It is important to take Flexilev at every prescribed dose at the doctor’s recommendation. It increases the chance of regular symptom relief.

Flexilev is a prescription drug in the form of small “micro-tablets” that are taken with the help of a dose dispenser, MyFID. The dose dispenser, which can be programmed by your doctor or nurse, delivers a certain number of tablets at each dosing time.

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