Market studies

A Parkinson’s Disease Market Study

Medical Radar International AB (Gothenburg, Sweden) was commissioned to perform a survey of neurologists in Sweden to determine their potential interest in the dose automate for Parkinson’s disease patients. Following are highlights from their findings.

  • A majority of the respondents believe that minitablets and the dispensing device would help in reducing tremor, on-off and other symptoms. The main reason for this is a more even dosing of the levodopa medication. Physicians state that most patients would benefit from such treatment.
  • Market potentials versus current treatments and agents are high as physicians agree that achieving efficient dosage of levodopa to keep symptoms under control is a problem.
  • Physicians accepted the automatic dosage device on the basis of the concept in regards to patients forgetting to take their medication and those who have problems dosing themselves, e.g. mainly patients in the late stages of the disease.
  • Patients seen as particularly suited for treatment with minitablets and the dosage device are patients with on-off problems.
  • Most physicians could not name a specific main disadvantage.

The Swedish neurologists accepted both the minitablets and the dosage device.