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Charging MyFID

Q: How long time does the MyFid need to be charged?

A: If the battery is very discharged, it may need to be charged for up to an hour before it can starts. Try to charge MyFID regularly every night to ensure that you always have enough battery.

Q: Can I use the MyFID to dispense tablets when it is charging?

A: Remove the charger and the cable when you are dispensing your medication. In order minimize the risk for water getting into the device or accessories, it is safest to always remove the charger cable when you are using MyFID.

Q: Will the battery life be longer if I let it discharge completely before recharging?

A: One should avoid letting the battery be completely discharged . MyFID should be regularly charged every night in order for it to last as long as possible.

Q: Can I charge MyFID via the micro-USB port and a PC?

A: Yes, you can but it takes a very long time, about 10 times longer than normal charge ( i.e. around 50 hours).


Q: Why is it so hard to get the cartridge in place?

A: There are two possible reasons for not being able to load the cartridges.

  1. The container where the medicine is kept before ejecting the tablets (called the collector) needs to be fully closed. Check that the collector is not sticking out.
  2. The gearwheel does not engage in the right position. Turn the gearwheel in the device manually a couple of mm and the cartridge will fit.


Q: Why does the device restart?

A: The device performs self tests. During these tests it might happen that it needs to restart. All information is kept during a restart. The restart generally takes less than a minute and you do not need to do anything. Just wait for the device to be ready to use again.

Q: Can I open the lid for the cartridges without destroying the tablets or the device?

A: You can open the lid without destroying neither tablets nor the device. When you close it, MyFID will ask you if it is a new cartridge or if you are using the same as before. Press for the correct answer and continue to use MyFID.

Q: Tablets are not coming out?

A: Tablets might get stuck either in the cartridge, in the gearwheel or in the container where tablets are hold before dispensing (the collector). When tablets are stuck the device will perform a series of action to release them. Some might need your intervention. Follow the instructions on the screen. You might be asked to turn the device or shake it gently. Follow the information on the device screen to resolve the jam. You can always shake the device carefully to loosen any jammed tablets. You can also remove the cartridge and empty the dispensing collector container if needed. If you are not sure that you have received a correct dose, do not use the dispensed tables but take a new dose using the using the EXTRA DOSE option.

Connecting to the computer

Q: Why can’t I connect to the computer?

A: You might need to update your drivers. Check the computer manual on how to search for and install drivers. Also see the film on to learn how this is done.

Taking the dose and missed doses

Q: I missed a dose. What should I do?

A: MyFID wants you to take the dose at the intended time points. It allows for taking the medicine 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after the pre-programmed time. If you miss a dose you should not compensate it by taking twice as much next time. You can take a dose before the pre-programmed time slot by using the extra dose option. You might miss a dose or you maybe you intentionally miss it because you want to take it after the pre-programmed time window. In such cases do not take the pre programmed dose but just take the extra dose. The extra dose could be different from your ordinary dose. Ensure that you get the correct dose by adjusting the extra dose with the arrows in accordance to you doctors prescription.

Q: How many extra doses can I take?

A: There is no limit to the number of extra doses you can take. You can take as many as you need and your doctor has prescribed.

Q: Why does the MyFID not alarm in the morning?

A: The MyFID can be programmed in such way that you will have to start your days yourself. When you start your day, by taking your morning dose, MyFID will determine the optimal time for the forthcoming doses. Use a regular alarm clock if you want to start your days in the same time. If you want the MyFID to start the same time every day, ensure that the setting is correct. See the manual for how to do this or contact Sensidose for technical support or your Parkinson doctor.

Q: My cartridge is empty but the dose delivered is not complete.

A. MyFID remembers how many tablets it has delivered. Remove the old empty cartridge and replace it with a new one. MyFID will add the missing number of tablets to ensure you receive a correct dose.

Q: Do I need to swallow the sediment?

A: Yes, it is important to drink everything including the sediment. We also recommend that one rinse the cup with some water afterwards and swallow this as well in order to ensure that a full dose is taken.

Q: Can I take the Flexilev tablets directly without dissolving it?

A: No, this way of using Flexilev has not been tested and cannot be recommended.

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