Sensidose AB (the “Company”) has entered into a service agreement with Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH (“Desitin”) for the sales and marketing of Flexilev (under the trade name Suades) in Germany. Sensidose and Desitin will share the revenue from the sales. The launch is expected in January 2020.

Dr. Jack Spira, CEO of Sensidose, comments: “We are pleased to have signed this agreement which is of great importance for our ongoing international expansion. We are convinced that Desitin, with its strong position and experience in the marketing of drugs in the field of Neurology, is the perfect partner for the sales and marketing of Flexilev / Suades in Germany.”

Dr. Martin Zentgraf, CEO Desitin, comments: “We are very enthusiastic about taking Suades to the German market. Suades represents a unique commercial opportunity for our company, fits well into our profile and know-how and we expect it to become an important product for our company for many years to come.”

Flexilev / Suades is a treatment system for individualized dosing in Parkinson’s disease. The system consists of “micro” tablets, containing sub-therapeutic doses in each individual tablet. The correct and desired dose is obtained by dosing a specific number of tablets, dispensed by using the electronic dosing device, “MyFID®”. The dispenser has a built-in alarm, delivers doses at preset times and records all doses delivered and also disease symptoms using easy-to-use scales.

The dispenser is CE marked and the company’s first product, Flexilev®, for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, is approved in thirteen European countries. Since mid-2017, Sensidose has been marketing the system in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

About Sensidose

Sensidose AB is a Swedish pharmaceutical company that has developed and commercialized an innovative system for individualized dosing of tablets, which allows an individual optimization of medical treatment.

For more information about Sensidose AB, please contact: Jack Spira, CEO +46 (0) 722 50 62 72

About Desitin

Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH is active in Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Desitin produces and markets drugs for the treatment of especially central nervous system diseases, one of Desitin’s main areas of activity. The company offers a large number of established and innovative products, especially in the core indications epilepsy and Parkinson’s syndrome. Desitin works closely with treating physicians and centers providing

education and scientific information, and also aims to build a constructive dialogue between patient, doctors and authorities to create a common understanding of the specific needs within chronic CNS diseases.