Sensidose receives SEK 1.22 million in grants from Vinnova for industrial research within the call “Innovation projects in companies”. The funding aims to support the company’s development of measuring physiological reactions to pain to enable improved pain relief and better control of the use of opiate drugs.

In cooperation with Örebro University, the CERIS department, (Center for Empirical Research on Information Systems) and Uppsala University Hospital, Rehabilitation and Pain Center, the funding will enable Sensidose to start a specific innovation project with the aim of developing a unique method for registration, control and treatment of opiate-requiring pain.

“It is with great pleasure that we have received Vinnova’s decision to fund this research. The collaboration with the experts at Örebro University and Uppsala University Hospital, with their specific and deep knowledge in the field, gives us together the opportunity to develop a new important application of our technology platform for individualized treatment, now in the field of pain” – says Jack Spira, CEO of Sensidose AB.

“We look forward to working with Sensidose and Uppsala University Hospital, in this area. Based on our previous experiences with Sensidose in projects related to sensor-based individualization of treatments in Parkinson’s disease and with the knowledge of applied artificial intelligence, we are well equipped to take on this project, ” – says Gunnar Klein Professor of Informatics and Mevludin Memedi Senior Lecturer at Örebro University.

“Measurement of pain and management of opiates for pain relief is a research area where there is a great need for new and improved information. Given the problems currently present with opiate management for pain control, this is an important contribution aiming to give doctors and patients new methods for follow-up and treatment,”  – says Rolf Karlsten, Head of a Rehabilitation and Pain Center at Uppsala University Hospital.

Within the framework of the project support, Sensidose will collaborate with Örebro University and Uppsala University Hospital, to develop objective methods for measuring pain, which ultimately is aiming to give a better control and use of opiate drugs and improved individualized pain relief. With this project, Sensidose opens up for future new interesting business opportunities. Project support amounts to half of the total project costs (approximately SEK 2.5 million).

Sensidose AB is a Swedish pharmaceutical company that has developed and commercialized an innovative system for individualized dosing of tablets, which allows optimization of the medical treatment.

The system consists of “micro” tablets, containing subtherapeutic doses in each tablet. Correct and desired dose is obtained by dosing a specific number of tablets that are dispensed using an electronic dispensing device, “MyFID®”. The dosing device has a built-in alarm, delivers doses at the preset times and registers all doses delivered and also disease symptoms with the help of scales that are easy to use.
The dispensing device is CE-marked and the company’s first product, Flexilev®, for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, is approved in thirteen European countries. Since mid-2017, the Sensidose system is marketed in Sweden Denmark and Norway.

For more information about Sensidose AB, please contact: Jack Spira, CEO +46 (0) 722 50 62 72