As part of Sensidose’s ongoing geographical expansion, the company last autumn applied for reimbursement for Flexilev with the Finnish Pharmaceutical Price Board (Lääkkeiden hintalautakunta). The application has now been granted and the approval is in accordance with the reimbursement in the other Nordic countries.

The positive reimbursement decision is an important step in our geographical market expansion. Now we look forward to getting started with sales as soon as possible and giving Finnish patients Parkinson’s disease patients access to a new form of therapy, says Sensidose CEO Jack Spira.

Flexilev is already approved in several countries and reimbursed in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The reimbursement in Finland is limited to patients for whom standard therapy treatment has not yielded satisfactory results. This is in accordance with reimbursement in the other Nordic countries and means that Finnish Parkinson’s patients will also have the opportunity to be treated with Flexilev.

The Finnish authority, Kela, has assessed the clinical data and cost-effectiveness of Flexilev and concluded that the product is cost-effective for patients where standard therapy has not given satisfactory results. In Finland, it is estimated that 16,000 people suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

At later stage of the disease, in severe phases, the treatment is complicated and standard therapy does not provide sufficient symptom relief. Flexilev plays an important role here,”concludes Jack Spira.

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Briefly about Sensidose

Sensidose AB is a Swedish pharmaceutical company that has developed and commercialized an innovative system for dosing tablets, which allows an individualized optimization of the medical treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The company has sales of its proprietary product Flexilev in Scandinavia. Flexilev is given using the MyFID dose dispenser, which allows for accurate and individual titrated treatment at each dose.