Sensidose participates in a Vinnova project regarding evaluation of symptoms and improved treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Vinnova has distributed 60 million SEK to projects within the area “Innovations for Future Health”. Within the framework of this program, Sensidose is participating as one of the companies in the project called Musyq. The aim is to develop and clinically test a prototype for objective quantification of motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease. The intention is to assess the possibility to improve the treatment of the disease by the use of an objective assessment of patient status in the home environment. This could result in improved efficiency of the treatment process, providing a better quality of life for the patient and ensuring a cost efficiency.

The project collaborators are University hospitals (Uppsala Academic Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden and Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden), universities (Dalarna University and Uppsala University), research institute (Acreo Swedish ICT) and companies (Sensidose and Cenvigo). Acreo is coordinating the project.

“This platform will, with a significantly more frequency than what is done today, objectively characterize the patient’s health status and hence it will be quicker to register improvements as well worsening of symptoms . The symptom evaluation will be linked to the treatment, which will facilitate individual adjustment of drug treatment and thus will have the capability to rapidly adjust doses and hopefully improve the patient’s daily life. For Sensidose, working with individualized dosing and dispensing tools for Parkinson’s patients, it is very valuable to participate, ” says Jack Spira, CEO of Sensidose.

This unique constellation of actors will aim to develop a new sensor platform by combining three existing technologies, and will also work towards the goal of developing a new process for pharmaceutical treatment and dose adjustment for Parkinson’s patients. To increase usability for both patients and health professionals, both treating physicians, other health care staff and also Parkinson’s Association are linked to the project.

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