Smart and easy

MyFID is the first smart dosing device for tablets. By combining the possibilities of a modern smart phone technology and “micro” – tablets an improved and better usage of medicines can be achieved.

MyFID is pre-programmed to deliver a certain amount of medicine at a certain time. The physician decides which dose a patient should use and when it should be taken. However in order for the device not to rule the patient’s life, care has been taken to ensure that the patients have the freedom to control the functions of the device.

MyFID has unique registration capabilities. It registers the amount and time a dose is delivered. MyFID will ask and record reasons why a dose is taken. It also records disease symptoms using easy to use scales that allows for the patient and the doctor to follow treatment effects, to get a continuous picture of how the disease evolves and fluctuates with time. All information recorded is available for both the patient and the physician, and can be retrieved using a specially developed inbuilt standardized treatment report. MyFID therefore gives the physician and the patient a more precise and correct background for further treatment decisions.