Patent protected and unique

The technology developed by Sensidose AB is patented and allows for a unique approach to individual dosage of tablet drugs, which in turn has the ability to lead to improved clinical outcomes, improved quality of life and reduced side effects due to avoiding to high dosages.
A built-in log function that registers all doses and disease symptoms allows for the physician and patients to gradually adjust the dose in order to achieve an optimal and customized dosing.

The concept is based on the use of “microtablets”, each containing a precise and sub therapeutic amount of the active substance. MyFID is programmed in accordance to the physicians prescription and calculate the individual number microtablets to achieve the wanted dose. For each dose, at each time of day, the dose can be adjusted. The physician can also allow the patient to make adjustment of the dose, and give limits for how much the patient is allowed to change the dose.
The device tracks the number of tablets dispensed and informs the patient in due time about the foreseen need for recharging the device with a new cassette with tablets. The device is equipped with a rechargeable battery with high capacity and long life time.
The device helps both the patient and physician to track treatment in that it registers all doses delivered. It also tracks the patients’ response to the disease, performed by the patients as they respond to questions concerning disease symptoms. This is achieved by easy to use scales that track important motor and non-motor symptoms. Answering the questions is performed rapidly and doing so continuously gives important information for the patient and physicians and aids in optimizing the treatment.